Some things in life shouldn’t be scrambled – and that includes emails. A recent issue I’ve seen pop up on a number of WordPress/WooCommerce sites is the scrambling of transactional emails. These are emails triggered by WordPress or WooCommerce – such as an email telling the admin they have a new order – or the order confirmation being sent to the customer.

This is because the email is being sent as HTML, but the system is reading it as plain text. As it turns out, this is not an issue with WordPress or WooCommerce – but the email service you use. For most, this seems to stem from using Elastic Email Sender (or a competitor).

The fix – it’s actually pretty simple. Just set the setting to send emails as HTML. This is standard now anyway, so there is no reason to let the system choose. This is called the MIME type.

In Elastic Email Sender, the setting looks like this – but it should be something similar in competitor plugins/systems:

That is it! Your emails will not be sent as HTML and will look as intended – rather than scrambled.