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For the past 25 years, we have provided business consulting and web development services to entrepreneurs, small, and medium-sized businesses. Each business is unique, has specific requirements, and specific needs. Let us put our years of business and e-commerce to work for you.

Our Services

Small Business Consulting

Whether you are just starting your business, or you are already in business, you are going to have questions about doing business online. That’s where our 25+ years of experience comes in.


We’re fluent in many e-commerce platforms, but, we prefer WooCommerce for small and medium-sized businesses as the platform that can be molded easily to even your most unique needs.

WordPress Development

WordPress is a powerful platform that meets the needs of small to medium businesses, as well as personal or professionals such as doctors, lawyers, consultants, etc.

Magento e-Commerce

Magento has long been a leader in the e-commerce business. However, with the move to 2x, we now only recommend Magento to medium to larger businesses. We support 1x and 2x however for customers.

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WooCommerce Order Confirmation Emails Scrambled

Some things in life shouldn't be scrambled – and that includes emails. A recent issue I've seen pop up on a number of WordPress/WooCommerce sites is the scrambling of transactional emails. These are emails triggered by WordPress or WooCommerce – such as an email...

Toggle Off Route Insurance for WooCommerce

A lot of companies are starting to offer Route insurance to their customers, and Route has a plugin for WooCommerce. However, Route has chosen to do what some would consider unethical – for the insurance to be on by default. Now, Route does have a toggle in their...

Tidio Chat on Mobile WooCommerce Theme

I recently installed Tidio chat on a WordPress/WooCommerce site, but the built-in controls do not allow you to modify the css or the way it appears. This means on many themes it may cover important links or items. Specifically, on the Storefront theme, the chat box...

Using WooCommerce Ajax in the Cart with updated_cart_totals

On a recent project, I wrote a plugin that creates product grids, and restricts customers from buying certain products in single – they must buy in a pack. For those, we used drop-down menus (selects menus), so and stepped them by the number in the pack. For example,...

Stopping Russian (Cyrillic script) Spam on Contact Form 7

If you've already enabled the Captcha plugin and tried the quiz option, but you are still getting spam, one likely reason is that actual humans are submitting the form. For a number of my customers, this has been all spam coming from Russia. There is a way you can...