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For the past 25 years, we have provided business consulting and web development services to entrepreneurs, small, and medium-sized businesses. Each business is unique, has specific requirements, and specific needs. Let us put our years of business and e-commerce to work for you.

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Small Business Consulting

Whether you are just starting your business, or you are already in business, you are going to have questions about doing business online. That’s where our 25+ years of experience comes in.


We’re fluent in many e-commerce platforms, but, we prefer WooCommerce for small and medium-sized businesses as the platform that can be molded easily to even your most unique needs.

WordPress Development

WordPress is a powerful platform that meets the needs of small to medium businesses, as well as personal or professionals such as doctors, lawyers, consultants, etc.

Magento e-Commerce

Magento has long been a leader in the e-commerce business. However, with the move to 2x, we now only recommend Magento to medium to larger businesses. We support 1x and 2x however for customers.

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Vape Taxation: Admin Order View

WooCommerce Orders screen includes a new column "V. Tax" which will show taxes for each order. When viewing an order

Vape Taxation: Customer Facing Process

The customer ads the product to the cart: Depending on the settings, the customer is forced to put in a shipping and billing address Subtotals at the bottom reflect taxes The order confirmation screen, breaks down the taxes per item Customer's view of order in My...

Vape Taxation: Part 4: Theme Files

Depending on which theme you use, and we recommend always using a child-theme, you will need to add a couple files to the theme folder. All these are stored in woocommerce folder we include with the plugin. These files are: woocommerce/cart/cart/php which will show...

Vape Taxation: Part 5: Setting up vape taxes on products

The WooCommerce Vape Taxation plugin is made to work with simple and variable products. For the simple products, it will appear in the General tab: When you select "Nic Milliliters," Two more fields will show: For variable products, the settings are on the Variations...

Vape Taxation: Part 3: Vape Tax Rates

The next area is to setup your tax rates for the different classes and jurisdiction. You should have received a file with the rates in them that you can import. Importing that file will get you started the quickest. However from this page (WooCommerce > Settings,...