Our new plugin for WooCommerce allows you to offer some products as “Call to Order.” Essentially, you can set up your WooCommerce store with all your products, but mark only specific products as requiring the customer to call to order. You may have different reasons for the Call to Order feature.

Maybe you only take cash for large items. Or maybe they are so specialized that you require the customer to talk with you. Whatever the reason, you can now allow people to buy most items on your site, but make customers have to contact you to order just those items.

There are WooCommerce plugins that do this, but not for individual products – rather they do it for the whole site. Our plugin, however, allows you to set this on a per-product basis.

This screen is the main settings.
At the product level, you can turn the function on, as well as specify a custom message for that product – or you can use the default.
This is what the customer will see on the product page.

You can download the plugin here.