Custom WooCommerce Plugin Work

Here are a few of the custom WordPress and WooCommerce plugins and gateways I’ve created for clients. B2B Financing Gateway

Because had no gateway – but requires custom integration, our customer needed a gateway to allow customers to signup, get an instant approval for wholesale net terms and financing, and be able to pay. We built a gateway for integrating intro WooCommerce.

Tobacco Taxing for Vape Products (PACTACT)

This customer came to us with a unique problem – a compliance nightmare with thousands of different possible tax rates for Federal, State, City, and even County taxes, with different rates per types of products. The calculation for products needed to be by the product millimeter, nicotine percentage, special taxes for vapes, etc.

Manage/Edit Customer Carts Live

This customer needed a plugin for WooCommerce that would allow them to edit customer carts before the customer checked out so they could edit prices, add products, discounts, etc.

Some main features include:

  • Admin can edit customer’s prices in their cart
  • Admin can change the quantity of each products in the cart.
  • Admin can edit the customer information
  • Admin can delete products in the cart
  • Admin can add products to the customer’s cart

Upsell in Cart and Checkout

This custom plugin was created for a client that wanted to have a specialized upsell on the cart and checkout page. This makes use of WooCommerce’s add_fee() function as a “click to add a fee,” in the checkout and on the cart page, as well as the cart price override function.

Features include:

  • Choose to override the price or to apply as a fee.
  • Controls the design, colors, price, etc. from the admin settings.
  • Hides upsell badge if the customer has already added it.

Email on Add-to-Cart

We created a custom plugin for a customer, that when a customer adds the product to the cart, WooCommerce sends an email to the owner with the product information and the customer’s contact information.

Completely custom with settings under WooCommerce > Settings > Email > Email Cart. The plugin uses WordPress’ default email sending, so it’s compatible with all email sending (like Elastics, Amazon, MailChimp, etc.).

Call to Order for WooCommerce Plugin

Sometimes you have a product you don’t want to sell on your site. Maybe because of the complication, maybe to prevent fraud. But, you still want to display it, and you want customers to be able to see and learn about it. We built this plugin for one of our clients who needed to restrict certain products to require customers to call, while other products, sell as usual.

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