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Fixing Magento Shipping Handling Fee Percentage of Order

So, if you have ever tried to set a handling fee in Magento by percent per order, you’ll find it takes the shipping cost * the handling (even though in the docs it says it takes the order * the READ MORE



Magento Custom Shipping Module

Recently, I had a client who needed a shipping module that figures shipping based on a percentage of the subtotal. Now, I know that some have modified the table rates, but as it turns out, even that hack doesn’t work READ MORE



We have completed a new site for a customer who is the importer of Ami Cat vegan cat food and Ami Dog vegan dog food. It’s built in Magento. Check it out, or maybe go buy something from them! Eco READ MORE



The Slow Painful Death of Nokia
The Slow Painful Death of Nokia

If you are over 25, you’ve probably had a Nokia in the past. Most people remember them as amazing hardware. They were sturdy, and performed well. Amazing quality like most things from Finland. Then the evolution of the smart phone READ MORE



Today, while upgrading server servers for clients, we upgraded from Apache 2.2 to 2.4. Immediately sites received 403Forbidden. That’s because there is a small change here: Basically, in your host files, you have to replaces “Allow from all” with “Require READ MORE



WooCommerce Multiple Currencies with BrainTree

We recently had a client who uses WooCommerce and conducts business globally. They use PayPal and BrainTree as their payment processors. The challenge they faced was that they needed to process payments in USD, AUD, and EUR. These orders needed READ MORE




By now, you have heard about heartbleed probably? The basics? It’s a bug in OpenSSL that allows hackers to bypass the security that a SSL gives you. If your site has a SSL, it’s important that this is fixed right READ MORE



If you have recently upgraded Magento, and you have a custom template, you will notice that you are unable to login as a customer into the site. There is a simply fix for this. Two files must be changed. I READ MORE