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The New Alphabet, Inc. – First Large Company to Use XYZ Domain as Their Main Domain

Today, the founders of Google, Sergey Brin and Larry Page announced the new company Alphabet, Inc which will own Google and other Google related companies. But, something more subtle has happened. For years, when a large company launched, they looked to READ MORE



Fixing Magento Shipping Handling Fee Percentage of Order

So, if you have ever tried to set a handling fee in Magento by percent per order, you’ll find it takes the shipping cost * the handling (even though in the docs it says it takes the order * the READ MORE



The Slow Painful Death of Nokia
The Slow Painful Death of Nokia

If you are over 25, you’ve probably had a Nokia in the past. Most people remember them as amazing hardware. They were sturdy, and performed well. Amazing quality like most things from Finland. Then the evolution of the smart phone READ MORE