In my opinion, Chrome is the best browser out there in terms of cross-platform compatibility, security, and speed. Chrome extensions make Chrome better. Just don’t overdo them, because that can slow down the browser, or it can change the way pages load. Here’s a list of extensions I run on Google Chrome.

1. Ears: Bass Boost, EQ Any Audio!
Whether it’s a cat video on Facebook, your favorite music on Pandora or Spotify, with this extension, you can turn up the sound, and you can alter the EQ. I use it daily when listening to music while working.

2. Ad Block Extension
There are various ad block extensions available. The one I use is AdBlock. But there are a number of options out there.

3. Grammarly for Chrome
Everyone should have this extension. There’s just no excuse anymore for blatant grammar errors. It works on most websites, including Facebook.

4. F___Book Post Manager
Keep you wall clean. I use this monthly to clean up my history. You have to run functions a few times, but it’s the only extension out there that helps you remove/unlike/hide posts.

5. SEOquake
SEO toolbar that gives you information about your site, or other sites you’re on.