Clients often ask me how important upgrading Magento is? The answer is yes – if you want to keep your e-commerce site running smoothly and securely.

Updates bring a number of benefits:

  1. They patch bugs. When people report bugs – problems with the Magento software, those get put in a database. If the bug is found to be real, a fix will be rolled out in a future update. And remember – just because you haven’t noticed the bug, doesn’t mean it’s not a problem for you. It could be doing something you don’t know about yet.
  2. They patch security holes. This is very important. I can’t stress enough. It’s important because every moment of every day, hackers are trying to find a way to breach the security of sites. Once a whole is found, automated scripts are made that go looking for sites that have not patched that security hole. 99% of hackings I deal with are because people knowingly left a security update unapplied. The time to patch it costs much less than the time to recover from a hacking, including your lost revenue and damage to your reputation.
  3. New features. New updates bring new features. This can be important as e-commerce is constantly changing. You need to be able to keep up.
  4. Performance. Tech is always changing. Computers get faster, software gets better. Servers are updated and it’s important to keep your Magento up to date so that performance is maximized, and you stay compatible with server software. Remember, customers buy more from a fast site. They leave slow sites.

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